Alloy Workflow How-To: Packed Material Maps

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Welcome to the first in a series of Workflow tutorials for the Alloy Shader Framework. For this tutorial, we’re going to be covering how to generate and use Alloy Material Packed Maps.

All Alloy materials use as their third texture …

Using the Substance Designer 4 Alloy Preview Shader

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As you might know, Alloy 2.0 also comes with a bespoke preview shader for Allegorithmic’s Substance Designer. We’ll be doing some SD4-oriented videos in the future, but until then, I wanted to share a quick tutorial to show you how …

Alloy 2.0 Released

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Intersticial_0_MaterialAfter three months of frenzied work, we’re happy to announce that Alloy 2.0 is finished! The work constitutes a full system rewrite, incorporating major improvements to the shading model, new features, custom editor tools, and the first of many system …