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The GDC 2015 Expo has begun!

We’ll be showing off some gorgeous demos all day at Kiosk 13 in the Unity Booth (1402), so do stop by!


One demo we’ll be showing, Remnants, showcases a wide swath of Alloy 3’s specialist, vfx, particle and blend shaders alongside early alphas of two companion products to Alloy we’re working on, namely a deferred decals system, and a volumetric fog post effect. If you’re curious about some of the production strategies we employed in making this demo, we’ll also be giving a booth talk at Allegorithmic’s Booth (212) on Thursday at noon!



We’re also excited that another gorgeous Unity 5 game using Alloy 3 was officially announced today; P.A.M.E.L.A. While still early in the development, the game already looks mind-blowingly slick, with dense, richly detailed, and believable environments. We’re seriously looking forward to watching this project develop! Check out further details at and/or watch their launch trailer. Better yet, if you’re at the expo, come see the fine folks at Nvyve at their kiosk in the Unity Booth!



Last but certainly not least, if you haven’t seen it yet, Republique Remastered was released this past week, and the Camouflaj folks will be showing it off in the Unity Booth. If you don’t already own it (for shame) you should come by and see the incredible result of their transformative port from mobile to PC of the first episode. Camouflaj have truly raised the quality bar of such a platform migration, and we’ve been delighted to play a part in helping them with the transition to PBR.


See you there!







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