Endless Variations

Each shader in the Alloy framework is an uber shader, with two click drop-in of whole feature groups including Emission, Rim Lighting, Parallax Occlusion Mapping, Team Color Tinting, and more! Iterated upon through years of real-world application in RUST projects, we strive to make Alloy the most complete off-the-shelf solution for shading and vfx possible and are constantly adding new features and toys.

Enhanced Lighting

We here at RUST are obsessed with light. The Alloy framework overrides Unity’s core light component behavior to add Spherical and Tube Area Light approximations. No post effects needed, these cleanly integrate with both forward and deferred paths, and are ace for giving you rich specular highlight shape and behavior. All lighting in Alloy also uses inverse-square falloff, providing heavy, realist lighting behavior, and a clearer mapping between light intensity and expected total light energy in your scenes.

Deferred Mesh Decals

The latest addition to our Deferred Pipeline effects, our Deferred Mesh Decals come in four flavors: Lit Alpha Blended, Lit Alpha Cutout, Additive and Multiplicative. Whether for efficiently adding labels, nuts and bolts to your scene, or tearing it apart with bullet holes and cracks, these decals are an environment artist's dream come true.

Character Shaders

Alloy contains full deferred-path support for Skin and Eyes with a pre-integrated skin BRDF, transmission, normal blurring and a bunch of other subtle enhancements. Our eye shader uses POM for iris dimpling, and has a matching eye occlusion layer shader. Lastly, our Hair shader comes in single/double/high and low quality variants ensuring you have the right tools for close-ups and masses of characters alike.

SpeedTree Support

New in 3.3, Alloy comes with a modified SpeedTree shader using our new injection header system (which you can use yourself to add Alloy lighting to any Unity Surface Shader). This shader adds a proper IBL and specular term, ensuring SpeedTree trees gel with your high fidelity environment and lighting.

Exotic Surfaces

Alloy also includes a selection of special purpose shaders, including two variations of car-paint (one deferred, the other a forward-only full clear-coat) with metallic flakes and angle dependent hue. The set also contains a refractive glass shader, in high and low quality variations.

Triplanar and Directional Blending

Included with Alloy are a complete set of Triplanar and Single-Axis projected blending shaders. Whether you need UV-less texturing, or want to homogeneously blend sand or snow over your environment, we’ve got you covered. There’s even a Vertex color blended 4-splat Triplanar variant for those of you using voxel terrain.

External Tool Support

We know that workflow is paramount for high-end content production, so Alloy ships with a custom shader for use in Allegorithmic Substance Designer and Substance painter, so you can have a matched display for texture authoring.
In addition, we make every effort for interpolarity with popular packages on the Unity Asset store, including Amplify Texture 2, UBER, and RedLights 2.