Alloy's variants of Unity's standard particle shaders. Each one comes with additional effects and attenuation parameters. Integrates with Unity's Shuriken Particle editor, including implicit tinting by vertex colors.


Additive: Additive blending, with alpha weighting the source color contribution.

Additive (Soft): Additive blending, while the destination color is also multiplied by the inverse of the source color.

Alpha Blended: Alpha blending.

Alpha Blended Premultiply: Alpha blending.​

Multiply: Multiplicative blending. 

Multiply (Double): Multiplicative blending, which then multiplies resulting combined color by two.

VertexLit Blended: Alpha-blended and vertex lit by up to 1 directional light, 4 point lights, and/or light probes/LPPV.

~Additive-Multiply: Pre-multiplied alpha blending, but alpha from base color map is inverted.​

Usage Rules

Forward OnlyThis shader always draws via the forward pass.

Default Property Groups

Advanced Options

Particle Textures

Toggleable Property Groups

Distance Fade

Particle Effects

Rim Fade