Skin Textures

The main textures for the Skin shaders.

NOTE: Stores a transmission map in the base color alpha that acts as the strength for the Subsurface scattering and Transmission effects.


TintColor(RGB) Base color tint. (A) Scattering scale.
Base Color(RGB) SSS(A)Color Map(RGB) Base color. (A) Scattering weight and transmission thickness. [Tiling, Offset, Scroll, UV Set]
Metal(R) AO(G) Spec(B) Rough(A)AlloyPM(R) Metallic mask. (G) Ambient Occlusion. (B) Specularity. (A) Roughness.
NormalsBump MapSurface normals in tangent space.
Vertex Color TintFloat [0-1]Amount that base color is tinted by the vertex color RGB.

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