Flake Maps

A type of tiling noise texture used with our Car Paint shader to create the effect of view-dependent metal flakes embeded within the paint. 


Authoring Tips:

In standard usages, the mask texture for the flake layer should be composed of noise, with effort being placed towards ensuring there is no visible macro-repeating detail once the mask is repeated 5-20 times across the surface to attain small flakes.

Always ensure the mask texture is set to trilinear in the Unity import settings, or mip transition artifacts will be visible zooming in and out from the surface.

Lastly, due to flakes always drawing as a metal, there will be flake color, paint color and IBL colors that will blend oddly. In general using a slightly brighter version of the paint color tint will yield the best results.

TODO: stuff about using a flake map for the carpaint shader. homogeny, color and cutoffs.