This property group defines the secondary paint color used in the Car Paint shader.

This color-blending functions similarly to rim-lighting in that the tint multiplied over the Base Color Map, interpolates to the Secondary Color as the normal of surface pixel becomes more perpendicular to the view direction. The Blend Falloff parameter determines at what angle this transition occurs.

Secondary Source

Base Color: Secondary Tint is applied to Base Color.

Color Map: Exposes a Secondary Color map property and multiplies the Secondary Tint against it.


Secondary SourceDropdownBase Color, Color Map
Secondary Color(RGB)Color MapActs as the secondary color in place of the Base Color.
Primary TintColor(RGB) Base Color tint that fills the center.
Secondary TintColor(RGB) Base Color tint that appears at grazing angles.
Blend WeightFloat [0-1]Determines the intensity of the effect.
Blend FalloffFloat [0-1]Determines the angle at which the effect is visible.

Appears On

Car Paint