The Iris properties of the Eye shader. Simulates refraction and pupil dilation using a heightmap. Also has a fake, view-dependent iris scattering effect to simulate multiple material layers.

NOTE: Implicitly affected by the heightmap & iris mask in Eye Textures.


TintColorControls the color tint of the iris.
DepthFloat [0-0.08]Depth scale of iris for the fake refraction effect.
Pupil DilationFloat [0-1]Controls how much the pupil dilates.
ShadowingFloat [0.01-X]Controls how much faked iris lighting is shadowed by the iris at grazing angles.
Scatter IntensityFloat [0-X]Intensity of the fake iris scattering effect.
Scatter PowerFloat [0.01-X]Tightness of the fake iris scattering effect.

Appears On