Hair Textures

The main textures for the Hair shaders.

NOTE: In the packed map, the Highlight Shift value shifts the anisotropic highlights along a tangent vector. Middle gray is no shift, with lower and higher values shifting the highlight lower and higher respectively. 


TintColor(RGB) Base Color tint. (A) Opacity scale.
Base Color(RGB) Opacity(A)Color Map(RGB) Base Color. (A) Opacity. [Tiling, Offset, Scroll, UV Set]
Shift(R) AO(G) Noise(B) Rough(A)AlloyPM(R) Highlight shift. (G) Ambient Occlusion. (B) Primary highlight noise. (A) Roughness.
NormalsBump MapSurface normals in tangent space.
Vertex Color TintFloat [0-1]Amount that base color is tinted by the vertex color RGB.

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