Car Paint Textures

The main textures for the Car Paint shader.

NOTE: For areas masked as Car Paint that are also set to be metals the Specularity value acts as a clear coat weight. 


TintColor(RGB) Base Color tint. (A) Car Paint weight.
Base Color(RGB) Paint(A)Color Map(RGB) Base Color. (A) Car Paint mask. [Tiling, Offset, Scroll, UV Set]
Metal(R) AO(G) Spec(B) Rough(A)AlloyPM(R) Metallic mask. (G) Ambient Occlusion. (B) Specularity or Clear Coat for metallic car paint. (A) Roughness.
NormalsBump MapSurface normals in tangent space.
Vertex Color TintFloat [0-1]Amount that base color is tinted by the vertex color RGB.

Appears On

Car Paint