The Hair shaders exist to represent different varieties of character hair.

Please note that this shader uses a user-specified tangent vector that is constant for the whole surface to control the highlight rotation for the whole surface. It is a good idea to align the hair planes so that they are parallel in the UV mapping to ensure that the highlight is perpendicular to the hair strands. 

NOTE: The hair BRDF doesn't interact correctly with our area light approximation, so it may look a little off in some circumstances.


HighQuality: Handles intersecting/overlapping sheets of hair with correct depth-sorting. Uses the cutoff parameter to control where it shifts from opaque cutouts to smooth blended edges. 

LowQuality: Handles cheap fully opaque (eg. head hair) or non-overlapping translucent (eg. facial hair). Cutout is an option, but looks terrible due to pixel-crawling on edges.

OneSided: Hair that only renders front faces. Intended for optimizing hairs whose backfaces will never be visible (eg. facial hair, solid head hair, etc.).

TwoSided: Hair that renders both front and back faces.

Usage Rules

Forward OnlyThis shader always draws via the forward pass.