Packed Maps

All Alloy shaders use one or more custom packed data textures. These maps are composed of 2-4 black and white channels, each of which represents a different type of data used by the shader. Due to their requirements most, but not all, of the texture import settings are locked and can't be changed.

Editable import settings:

  • Wrap Mode.
  • Aniso Level.
  • Max Size.
  • Format (only options are Automatic Compressed & Automatic TrueColor).


  • If you generate this map yourself (which we don't recommend), you must ensure it is set to 'Bypass SRGB Sampling' in the Unity Texture Import settings. Also be aware that it won't have any pre-calculated Specular AA.
  • Every packed map has an associated "*.asset" file that contains its input settings. This file must always be moved together with the packed map texture, and must be explicitly included when exporting a given scene's dependencies to a package file.
  • Left-clicking the associated "*.asset" file opens a Material Map Channel Packer inspector where the packed map inputs can be changed.