Skin Scattering

Controls the SubSurface Scattering (SSS) effect using a Skin Scattering LUT.

It uses a transmission coloring effect using depth-based absorption weights for each color channel (eg. less absorption for red, most for blue). Also has an ambient occlusion color bleed effect which uses per-channel weights to control how much it scatters for each (eg. most for red, least for blue). Finally it has a mask thresholding value which picks a value below which the transmission map acts as a blend mask back to our standard lighting model.


LUTData MapScattering LookUp Texture.
WeightFloat [0-1]Weight of the scattering effect.
Mask CutoffFloat [0-1]Threshold value above which transmission map is used to mask skin scattering. Values below act as a blend mask back to standard shading model.
BiasFloat [0-1]Increases scattering effect.
ScaleFloat [0-1]Decreases scattering effect.
Bump BlurFloat [0-1]Amount that the normals are blurred for ambient and direct diffuse lighting.
AbsorptionVector3Color channel weights for depth based color transmission absorption.
AO Color BleedVector3Per-channel weights that control how much Ambient Occlusion scatters color.

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