The Glass shader utilizes a scene grab-pass, texture normals, geometry normals, and the material base color to make a tinted, distorted pseudo-refraction effect for low-opacity materials.

NOTE: Materials with this shader are rendered as part of the "Transparent" draw queue.


HighQuality: Uses one grab-pass per object. This allows overlapping objects to distort each other, but comes with the additional cost of copying the scene buffer multiple times. 

LowQuality: Uses a single shared grab-pass for all objects. As a result, the performance is vastly better in scenes with many glass objects, but you may get unusual visual results when looking through several overlapping glass objects. 


Artist's Notes:

Since this effect is just screen-space distortion, it can be troublesome to achieve the desired look without unusual draw artifacts from neighboring pixels that are not logically behind the glass material. 

Usage Rules

Forward OnlyThis shader always draws via the forward pass.