Distant Terrain

Distant terrain blend and material properties. Used to smoothly blend between the high-fidelity near terrain material and low-fidelity distant terrain material in such a way that it hides the faceted transition caused by Unity's terrain system.


Artist's Notes:

It is INCREDIBLY important that the Fade Distance parameter is set to the same value as the base dist value of the terrain this material is on. Also, it is suggested to use a Fade Range of at least 100. Larger values may be needed for large terrains.


Fade DistanceFloat [0-X]Distance from camera where the near terrain material starts blending to the distant terrain material.
Fade RangeFloat [0.0001-x]Range past Fade Distance over which to smoothly blend between near and distant terrain materials.
SpecularityFloat [0-1]Specularity used for the distant terrain material.
Specular TintFloat [0-1]Specular tint used for the distant terrain material.
RoughnessFloat [0-1]Roughness used for the distant terrain material.

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