(Global Settings)

Settings at the top of the material inspector that change the overall behavior of the shader. They affect every other section's behavior, and can even show/hide parameters within them.

Rendering Modes

Opaque: A fully opaque material. (Forward/Deferred)

Cutout: An alpha-tested cutout material based on the opacity input. Shows "Opacity Cutoff" parameter. [TransparentCutout] (Forward/Deferred)

Fade: An alpha-blended material that completely fades out the surface based on the base alpha. This is used primarily in circumstances where you want the base alpha to modify the combined shader output (ie to have 'nothing there' where the alpha value is black). [Transparent] (Forward-only)

Transparent: An alpha-blended material that only fades out the diffuse component, leaving specular and emission. This is used for representing translucent solid surfaces like glass. [Transparent] (Forward-only) 

NOTE: The surface metalness overrides the base opacity, and will make the surface more opaque as it increases.

Normals Source

Vertex Normals: Uses the mesh vertex normals only, making the shader much cheaper. Hides all normal map inputs.

Normal Maps: Uses tangent space normal maps.

Roughness Source

Packed Map Alpha: Reads roughness from the material Packed map alpha channel.

Base Color Alpha: Reads roughness from the base color alpha channel, treating it like a Terrain packed map. Hides all material map inputs. Tint alpha still controls opacity.

Property: Just uses the Roughness slider property without a map.

Cull Mode

Off: Renders both front and back faces.

Front: Culls front faces.

Back: Culls back faces.

Shadow Cull Mode

Off: Renders both front and back faces for shadow meshes.

Front: Culls front faces for shadow meshes.

Back: Culls back faces for shadow meshes.

Geometry Types

Branch: Basic SpeedTree mode. (Forward/Deferred)

Branch Detail: Like Branch, but shows Detail and Detail Normals in SpeedTree Textures(Forward/Deferred)

Frond: Supports Transmission[TransparentCutout] (Forward/Deferred)

Leaf: Like Frond, but supports cutouts. [TransparentCutout] (Forward/Deferred)

Mesh: Arbitrary mesh? (Forward/Deferred)

Wind Quality

None: No wind.

Fastest: Lowest quality and cost.

Fast: 2nd lowest quality and cost.

Better: 2nd highest quality and cost.

Best: Highest quality and cost.

Palm: Palm tree wind.


Rendering ModeDropdownOpaque, Cutout, Fade, Transparent.
Opacity CutoffFloat [0-1]Value below which the Opacity input is treated like a cutout.
Normals SourceDropdownVertex Normals, Normal Maps.
Roughness SourceDropdownPacked Map Alpha, Base Color Alpha.
Cull ModeDropdownOff, Front, Back.
Shadow Cull ModeDropdownOff, Front, Back.
Invert Back NormalsToggleInverts the XY for normal maps on the mesh's backfaces.
Geometry TypesDropdownBranch, Branch Detail, Frond, Leaf, Mesh.
Wind QualityDropdownNone, Fastest, Fast, Better, Best, Palm

Appears On

Car Paint



Directional Blend












Vertex Blend

Weighted Blend