Weighted Blend

The Blend feature controls the blending behavior between the main and secondary materials found in the Weighted Blend shader.


Artist's Notes:

This shader type is designed primarily for the purposes of having two entire materials with their own texture repeats/offsets, where a single pre-multiplied material wouldn't serve. A common example might be a rocky outdoor material repeated 4x8 times across a large piece of geo, and a more detailed moss pattern repeated 3x6 times, or some other interval.

The prime visual advantage of this is that by using interfering intervals (ie. intervals without a common multiple), one's texture borders between the two materials never line up, thus helping visually hide the obvious-repeat visually.


Heightmap(G)Data Map(G) Heightmap used to control blending. [Tiling, Offset, UV Set]
WeightFloat [0-1]The weight of the effect.
CutoffFloat [0-1]Controls the value in the heightmap at which blending begins.
BlendFloat [0.0001-1]Control the blending range.
Vertex Alpha TintFloat [0-1]Gradually overrides the Cutoff value with the vertex color alpha.

Appears On

Weighted Blend