These shaders can be used with Unity's built-in terrain editor to render and blend texture splats, each using a Terrain Packed Map and a normal map. They also support blending between near and far shaders to help minimize the distracting appearance of Unity's distant terrain LOD transition patch marks.

NOTE: Splats without normal maps cause the shader to render more efficiently. 

NOTE: In TriPlanar mode it uses a world-space TriPlanar mapping for each splat to avoid texture stretching issues on steep inclines. Due to the high sample count, we strongly recommend against using it in forward mode!


4Splat: Uses the terrain UVs for each splat. Importantly, this shader supports the addition of Alloy's standard Detail Texturing property group, which we have found useful for applying a whole-terrain base map set.

nSplat: Uses multiple passes and blending to apply an arbitrary number of splats. This means it can't have the extended per-splat material properties of the 4Splat variant. Also, the blending behavior is different between forward and deferred mode resulting in wildly different results.

Usage Rules

Deferred CompatibleThis shader draws using the deferred buffer when in deferred rendering mode.
Terrain OnlyThis shader may only be used on Unity Terrain renderers.