This feature controls a pseudo-subsurface scattering effect via a Transmission map to model things like skin, wax, foliage, marble, paper, etc. 

NOTE: Metallic materials can't transmit light. So be sure that areas that must transmit light are set to zero metallic.


TintColor(RGB) Transmission color tint.
Transmission(RGB)Color Map(RGB) Colored transmission map.
WeightFloat [0-1]The global intensity of the transmission effect.
Shadow WeightFloat [0-1]How much the light shadow attenuates the transmission effect for double-sided materials.
Bump DistortionFloat [0-1]Controls the influence of the normal map on the transmission effect. A low bump distortion will result in a more even, geo-driven look, while a high bump distortion will result in a far more contrasty look.
FalloffFloat [1-x]Controls how wide/tight the angular falloff is for the transmission effect.

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